Core Values

Today more than ever, customer and employee expectations are rapidly evolving, creating challenges and opportunities across almost every industry sector.  The advent of ‘digital’ is providing organisations with new operating and revenue models, where people and processes are seamlessly connected. 

Ensure Customer Success

At Orchard House Solutions, we don’t believe in “customer satisfaction”. We believe in customer success. We don’t seek to make our customers feel satisfied (although it is nice when this happens) - we do everything in our power to successfully achieve their goals and satisfy their organisational mission. If our customers are successful, then we are successful.

Focus on Results 

We firmly believe that we are accountable to our customers to produce results. That is why achieving tangible results every day is built into our DNA.  Our primary responsibility is to produce results for our customers, and that means focusing on delivering some kind of result, everyday and making sure you are getting something done versus simply some making progress.

Strive for Excellence

As long as we continuously strive toward excellence, raising the bar each and every time we interact with a customer we will get closer and closer to achieving our ultimate goal, the quest for excellence.
 Ensuring that customers are successful today and they benefit from the innovations of tomorrow, we will move from delivering software as a service and achieve value as a service.

We use Orchard House & Business ByDesign to positively impact 1.8 million lives by providing clean, reliable, and affordable energy.

Anthony Osijo - Chief Financial Officer, Bboxx

Management Team

Greg Durrans

Greg Durrans


Co-founder of Orchard House Solutions, Greg first implemented ByDesign in his own business before deciding to do it full time.

James Woodhead

James Woodhead


James has significant leadership and managerial experience with a professional business spanning over 20 years.

Vanessa Wilson

Vanessa Wilson


Co-founder of Orchard House Solutions, Vanessa has significant experience in managing Contact Centres.

Andrew Drake

Andrew Drake

Director - Business ByDesign Delivery

Andrew Leads Major Projects.  He brings a wealth of experience having delivered 50 plus Business ByDesign implementations

Dan Straw

Dan Straw

CEO Orchard House People

Dan leads Orchard House People. With 20 years experience of HCM Projects our BambooHR Business is in goods hands.

Partners - Helping our customers RUN Better


Orchard House is SAP's fastest-growing Gold Partner and one of just eight businesses recognised for excellence in the implementation of both SAP Business ByDesign & SuccessFactors globally.  We have excellent references, an outstanding reputation, and unrivalled experience.  The advantages of requesting Orchard House Solutions as your transformation partner is:

  1. Significant experience in delivering the Intelligent Enterprise to more than 70 customers.
  2. We are founder members of the global Acloudster Alliance, a group of the best Gold Partners dedicated to SAP Business ByDesign implementation excellence collaborating to enable local delivery.
  3. A Business Technology platform for Data-Driven Innovation.
  4. We uniquely support organisations that have integrated SuccessFactors & Business ByDesign.
  5. Recognised analytics expertise supports contextual & confident decision making to deliver insight-driven businesses.

OHS Partners

Vision33 announces agreement for the acquisition of SAP Business ByDesign Partner Orchard House Solutions. Please read the full press release here.