Integration. Speed. Transformation. All in one platform

The CONNECTED Platform helps you address the challenges of integration, access, governance, and logistics. 
When everything is CONNECTED anything is possible.

Save Time & Effort

Seamlessly connect business-critical applications and save a huge amount of time and effort by automating business processes.

Boost Productivity

Eliminate the need for manual data entry, resulting in reduced risk of errors, increased productivity, quality and a happier workforce.

Focus on Profitability

Streamlined business processes lets you focus on what matters the most: increasing customer satisfaction, revenue, growth!

Connect to SAP ByDesign

Connect all your systems with CONNECTED, easily transform the data, and get live cache access with sub second queries.

Monitor your Data

View all of the systems connected to CONNECTED and get an instant visualisation of how data is flowing through your connected solutions.

Get alerted on issues

Know immediately when there are errors within your data integrations with built-in alerts.

Build an application network & accelerate development by 3x

Manage projects of any size and complexity with SAP Business ByDesign.

Speed of Delivery

Build and integrate APIs and applications faster using one unified platform.

Universal Connectivity

Integrate with any application, data, or device — on-premises or in the


Collaborate and develop faster with a library of reusable APIs, connectors, and more.

Future-proof Architecture

Move from deploying integrations on-premises to the cloud without rewriting

by Design

Protect data and control access with edge gateways, encryption, and prebuilt security policies.


Manage all your APIs and integrations from a single interface — and quickly resolve issues as needed.

Protect Sensitive Data

Secure data in motion across the enterprise with automatic tokenisation and encryption and reduce the risk of data breaches.

Establish Secure Perimeters

Define enterprise-grade perimeter gateways around logical domains, protecting APIs and integrations distributed across clouds.

Embed security standards

Create new APIs and integrations from prebuilt API security fragments and access patterns vetted by security experts.


Handle any integration challenge beyond the enterprise with one runtime for all APIs and integrations, cross-platform

Extensible Architecture

Create Events without reinventing the wheel. Select the solution that best fits your requirements and build connectors to integrate seamlessly.


Collect Data, and define real-time how events should be triggered.  Update in batches, single transactions or consolidate to reduce volume.

What you can do with the CONNECTED Platform

Close Open Discover

Jumpstart each project by reusing prebuilt APIs, connectors, templates, and examples. Orchard House Solutions collaborates with our customers to deliver an Integration Platform by creating integrations, documentation and code snippets, rating and leave feedback on assets, and controlling how APIs are shared and discovered elsewhere within in your organisation. Discover CONNECTED Pre-Built Connectors:

Close Open Develop

Design and build APIs and integrations, then test and validate them using a mocking service to solicit early feedback.

Close Open Secure

Apply pre-built or custom security policies to encrypt data and manage access as well as screen traffic for irregularities or breaches. Conform to industry compliance standards, such as GDPR. CONNECTED Security provides advanced protection for your application network. With a few simple steps, you can secure your data, control access, and defend critical APIs and applications with policy-driven parameters.

Close Open Run

Deploy APIs on-premises, in a public or private cloud, or to Orchard House Solution’s managed cloud infrastructure.  Move between environments instantly and scale as needed to ensure high availability with zero-message loss.  The CONNECTED runtime is the engine that combines data and application integration across legacy systems, SaaS applications, and API's.


Hubspot provides Marketing, Sales, and service software that helps your business grow without compromise. Integrated to SAP Business ByDeisgn to provide a seamless experience:

  • HubSpot website tracking updates SAP Business ByDesign Events.
  • An Opportunity is created when either a HubSpot lead scores suggests an opportunity requires sales engagement or HubSpot deal is created.
  • Relevant lead intelligence created in Business ByDesign along with all Company, Contact, Activity and consent data.
  • HubSpot and Business ByDesign are then kept in-sync allowing you to sell the way you want.

BambooHR manages everything from employee data storage to automatic onboarding, together we can set your people free to do great work.

  • Replicate Standard Data to remove duplicated effort.
  • Onboarding processes so that new employees start work on day one.
  • Automated New Starter Pack PO planned for Start Date.
  • Business ByDesign User created to suit Employee Requirements.
  • CONNECTED Holiday Planning and Skills to allow effective resourcing.
Mettler Toledo

Mettler manufacturing and packaging machines are widely used in Life Science businesses.  CONNECTED delivers a seamless integration between Business ByDesign Manufacturing capability and Mettler’s PCE Site Manager.

  • Extracted PCE Site Manager data provides Business ByDesign production data, streamlining the management of Track & Trace processes.
  • Automatic syncronisation of Material Master Data and other Business ByDesign data into the Mettler system so manual entry can be avoided.
  • Production Order are processed automatically ensuring that all the relevant details required by Mettler’s PCE Site Manager are sent on time automatically.

Alloga UK provides supply chain solutions to life sciences.  The SAP Business ByDesign CONNECTED integration automates the following 3rd party logistics processes:

  • Extended supply chain business processes efficient outsourced warehouse and logistics.
  • Managed Inbound and Outbound processes,
  • Delivery notifications, Purchase Orders, autmatically process Stock Transfer Orders and Sales Orders between Business ByDesign and Alloga.
  • Track Inventory levels and Financials in real-time.
  • SAP Business ByDesign Solution Extensions deliver Identified Stock IDs to enable batch managed materials.
Star Lims

STARLIMS is a comprehensive solution that improves quality and safety throughout the entire product lifecycle. CONNECTED delivers a seamless integration between Business ByDesign’s Quality Control functionality automtically delivering Inspection Lots to StarLIMS.

  • Inspection Plans are linked to StarLIMS IDs through a Business ByDesign solution extension to automate data exchange.
  • Managed batch creation from creation through to delivery of a final Certificate of Analysis, including sample inventory, schedules, conditions, and locations to meet inventory management requirements.
  • Control the tests performed on batch samples based on the frequency of testing and prior test results.
  • Outsourced tasks with third-part laboratories.

Tracelink manages the Serialisation of all manufactured products within Life Sciences businesses  to simplify compliance and track and trace to meet the requirements of the EU Falsified Medicines Directive (EU FMD).

  • Used for Managing the Serialisation for all goods manufactured by Noumed Life Sciences and our CMOs.
  • Provides the platform to communicate mandatory information to the EU Hub.
  • Used to give Noumed Life Sciences flexibility in balancing business needs with regulatory requirements.
  • Material Master Data creation and release supports the business data required by Tracelink.

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