17th April 2019.

Orchard House Solutions today announces its recent significant growth having added a number of key Business ByDesign luminaries to the Board, immediately becoming one of Europe’s most significant pure play SAP Business ByDesign Digital Transformation specialists.

Orchard House Solutions signalled its intent to build on its transformational Digital business by investing in cloud platform technologies that will allow SAP Business ByDesign and other complementary cloud-based functionalities to medium sized businesses that wish to transform at pace.  In delivering a new model for managing business resources, processes and spend in the simplest possible way Orchard House Solutions believes it will outperform its competition and continue to grow rapidly.

We have always delivered businesses that work for the benefit of their shareholders. We were founded on the simple idea that complex tasks should start and finish without human intervention.  Digital transformation should create transparency and insight by connecting people and processes without creating more and more siloes of data.” said Greg Durrans, Orchard House Solutions’ Founder. “We have shared a vision for perfect transaction, and believe that we have only scratched the surface on what’s possible when we dream big.  With SAP Business ByDesign as the ‘digital core’ we are excited by the scale of the opportunity and by expanding on that vision we are able to re-imagine how enterprises will manage their global resources, instantly connecting supply chain, manufacturing, projects with finance and people in real time.”

James Woodhead added “Moving forward Phil Kirkham will be the Sales Director within Orchard House Solutions ensuring we continue to think big.  Andrew Drake will join the board making sure, as always, we deliver against our promises.  These appointments are an indication of how Orchard House Solutions wants to build on its recent customer successes, to help our customers and partners excel and focus on growth moving forward.”

Vanessa Wilson concluded “We are always interested in digital talent and would love to talk to people who have experience in delivering intelligent cloud ERP.  We are looking to recruit Senior Consultants on attractive packages as well as taking a longer-term view by starting our graduate training scheme.  We are really excited about providing young people with an opportunity to work on our exciting client facing projects whilst learning from our expert consulting team."

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Vision33 announces agreement for the acquisition of SAP Business ByDesign Partner Orchard House Solutions. Please read the full press release here.