Wakefield, 1 May 2019, Orchard House Solutions, an SAP Business ByDesign and SAP Analytics Cloud Partner announces that it has become an SAP Gold Partner.

Orchard House Solutions works with established businesses to eliminate every inefficiency in their systems, processes and operations.  Using SAP Business ByDesign, we can turn a client’s businesses into highly efficient and fully integrated digital organisations in which teams, productivity and profits all flourish. Greg Durrans interjected: “we’ve walked in the majority of our customers shoes, our aim therefore is, simple – we want to deliver our customers maximum efficiency, an enthusiastic workforce, happier shareholders and, importantly, delighted clients!  As a business owner, I learnt early it’s not all about profit and turnover, that always comes when we delight our customers, and doing that is simple: we don’t stop until we’ve done all that we promised!  Trust and loyalty are more important to us than anything else.”

James Woodhead notes: “it is our belief that no one else offers the complete digital transformation solution at which we excel. We get to know our client business inside and out to identify where they are now and then plan what needs to happen for them to be their very best. Our genuine and practical support throughout the digitisation comes from the deep insight learned from running our own businesses.  Helping our customers transform, at a pace that suits, allows them to reinvest and effectively deliver the transformation without the investment they initially expected.

“Becoming an SAP Gold Partner is a massive step forward and achieving it within such a short timescale is amazing!”  Phil Kirkham Sales and Marketing Director added: “It’s not luck, we achieved this by working hard and focusing on delivering against every promise we make at the same time as aiming to exceed all expectations.  Every member of the team works hard. If you asked any of them why we do what we do, they will explain it is all about DELIGHT!  None of us come to work for the money, we love the challenge that every day brings and most importantly we love the exceptional products we sell and deploy.  A gold partnership is relevant to our clients; it is a recommendation from SAP certifying that we are a partner that will deliver digital transformations removing the traditional boundaries allowing customers to thrive.  Over the next few years, we look forward to meeting more prospects, customers and friends that we are yet to know.”

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Orchard House Solutions has been acquired by global SAP Partner, Vision33. Please visit www.vision33.co.uk or read the full press release here.