Here are some of the most prominent challenges that prevent marketers from following up with leads fast enough and multiple reports are suggesting that should be within 5 minutes?

Siloed data - A recent survey of 400 executives found that 87% of companies feel their data is siloed among different sources - locked up in various applications or databases with no way to take action on it. Clearly, the answer is to work on a single platform like SAP Business ByDesign, but in reality just how realistic is that?  Integrating your website or customising SAP Business ByDesign to do lead scoring isn’t realistic.

This is frequently the case for marketers, whose lead and customer data locked in HubSpot or SAP Business ByDesign and because it is not synchronised it leads to constant lead management headaches.  By having to constantly duplicate lead lists that incorrectly inflate lead counts, routing leads at the wrong stage to the wrong destination, or accidentally continuing to contact leads that have opted out is putting our businesses at risk.

Poor integrations - One of the most common causes of data silos is a lack of robust integrations among marketers’ tech stacks.  While some surveys find that 97% of marketers believe technology integrations are important for growth, others show that only about half are doing anything about it.  The problem is HubSpot is not seamlessly integrated to SAP Business ByDesign and therefore every time your marketing team needs specific information your team needs to create a campaign; they spend time manipulating data and not doing what you employed them to do.  This means your most important lead data the magic sauce remains locked up and out of reach, the reality is it means that the response rate is lower, and the result is lost opportunity and worse still potentially alienated customers.

Process breakdowns - Research suggests that 60% of sales professionals spend at least an hour on manual data entry daily.  How much time are you spending on manual processes daily, such as vetting lead spreadsheets, or copy-pasting lead data from one source to another? Manual lead management processes cause many challenges, like introducing human error, not to mention eating up tons of time, which means your response time gets longer and makes you significantly less likely to convert.

Ease of use: Another important feature to look for is a completely visual, user-friendly builder. One that lets anyone - not just engineers - easily build workflows to process and upload lead lists, route enriched leads to the right owners, and execute customised follow-up - faster, without errors, and without having to code.

Scalability: CONNECTED scales with your team’s data usage and needs and are built to help you collaborate with your team, not bottleneck your progress by limiting access to individual connectors or individual users.

CONNECTED allows you to automate the entire list upload process to save dozens of hours in manual labour.

So, what’s the answer? Thankfully, there’s a better way to solve these challenges and plug leaks in your marketing funnel, without committing more hours to mind-numbing manual spreadsheet work.  Business ByDesign helps organisations focus on delivering a single source of the truth to standardise success, increase customer satisfaction and profitability whilst reducing inherent risk.

Orchard House Solutions recognised that our customers need to keep up with changing customer behaviour and shifting preferences, in order to react quickly with customer-centred innovation, drive efficiency and ultimately digitise services.

In order to stay ahead of the competition, we wanted to connect Anything in Business ByDesign to Everything else, so we created CONNECTED to solve constantly evolving integration challenges.  In just 2 weeks, our customers can securely unlock their data and infrastructure to enable seamless integration across the entire application landscape.

CONNECTED will integrate SAP Business ByDesign and HubSpot reducing the silo effect on your data, deeply integrate their marketing applications and automate key processes to cut out the manual errors.  By moving faster, they help organisation sell more!

The CONNECTED API integration between HubSpot and SAP Business ByDesign connects at the API Integration Level APIs are the fastest, most efficient way that cloud-based software communicates with other software, and because the best GAPs deeply connect applications to flow data even from highly customised instances.

CONNECTED provides a sophisticated automation layer with flexible logical operators to automate processes across your cloud infrastructure allowing us to set a process to automatically update lead information and trigger appropriate campaigns in CRM, outbound email automation, and other apps whenever leads engage with your campaigns or website. Extending CONNECTED integration will allow you to support complex, multi-step workflows with logical operators for if/then, looping, and branching steps to do exactly what you need with your leads.

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