Gone are the days when automated intelligent solutions were only available to big organisations with significant financial resources and large IT departments.

The largest taxi company has no taxis and the largest hotel network has no hotels. These are real examples outside the public sector where digitalisation has transformed the industry and is disrupting operating models of incumbent players.

With austerity, taxpayers have been presented with a very unappetising choice between higher taxes or radically curtailed public services, or both. Is there an alternative, a way to use innovation to make public services cheaper without cuts? Governments are adopting the cloud because it delivers the most elusive goal of delivering more, for less. The challenges of today’s modern

government leave professionals scrambling to respond to the needs of their colleagues, managers and citizens, whilst meeting the ever-growing workload. Both HR and finance needs to take seats at the strategic table, but that demands accurate data and the ability to demonstrate how information translates directly into results.

Few would argue that we are facing a new world, one that demands new efficient ways of working. Austerity is forcing organisations to do more with less, fewer people and fewer resources. Finance and HR teams must identify how they can help drive an organisation’s ability to differentiate itself and operate effectively. As government gets on board with cloud solutions like BambooHR and SAP Business ByDesign it will deliver significant savings.

Tired of spreadsheet chaos?

A recent survey found 80 per cent of leaders are reporting ‘dramatically’ higher levels of stress. Downsizing means the megalith solutions implemented in the 1990s will no longer deliver people and finance related processes and arguably even more importantly to do more with less it often means both teams will need to perform at a fraction of the cost.

Is the finance and HR consumed with putting out fires and handling transactions instead of contributing strategically, survey results tell us that ‘management spends less than ten percent of their time on strategy and invest as much as two-thirds of their time completing routine tasks’.

There is an answer

If the HR and Finance teams are among the eight out of ten government professionals that are feeling the pressure, they need to know there is an answer. A modern cloud-based integrated HR and finance information platform will help them juggle growing responsibilities and avoid the tedium of error-ridden routine transactions, spreadsheets, and information requests.

Imagine a scenario where information is entered once and then when there is a requirement to access data it is available instantly. Managers and employees can enjoy the convenience of self-service access, that’s protected and secure, GDPR compliant and available to only those it should be. Modern cloud solutions like BambooHR and Business ByDesign can store information, and it’s so easy to use, employees, managers and ultimately citizens can generate reports themselves.

Cloud is a nice idea, but ...

Gone are the days when automated intelligent solutions were only available to big organisations with significant financial resources and large IT departments. Solutions like BambooHR do not require big budgets or indeed IT teams to support it and buying through GCloud means gone are the days a big procurement exercise is required.  Easy-to-use and readily affordable cloud solutions are delivering more for less.

What can Cloud HRIS & ERP do for you?

The top reasons why companies choose the power and convenience of HRIS are: ERP and HRIS platforms free up time for more valuable use; it enables greater accuracy in capturing and using data; it reduces pointless administration allowing transactions to be processed faster; it generates reports quickly; it supports compliance; enables data-sharing and collaboration across organisational functions; it fuels efficiency by providing accurate information; and offers secure document data storage and access.

Making Cloud ERP and HRIS an easy choice

Unlike a traditional software-based in-house software, a cloud platform enables professionals to enjoy the benefits of a robust online solution, with little investment, without the hassle of IT support. The systems reside online, is upgraded out of hours and combines the convenience and versatility to remove the avalanche of paperwork whilst reducing the reliance on error-prone spreadsheets. It will allow Finance and HR to focus on activities and contributions that deliver significant savings.

BambooHR is the fastest-growing HRIS globally, it offers a cloud-based HR platform that provides simple and accessible tools for managing employee data and unlike expensive and complicated enterprise HRIS solutions.

SAP Business ByDesign is a complete suite of integrated business software. It contains all the functionality even the largest company needs to run highly efficiently. SAP Business ByDesign allows you to choose from 35 fully integrated end-to-end business scenarios, from traditional order-to-cash to more complex third-party order processing scenarios.

Business ByDesign and BambooHR connect every aspect of your organisation helping you streamline everything. Implemented in days offering an affordable, easy-to-use, configurable system that meets the needs of today’s agile government.

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