SAP Business ByDesign is fast to implement, simple to use and easy to scale.  SAP’s cloud ERP solution is built to appeal to companies who are intent on growth.  For many years SAP's best kept secret Business ByDesign and it's now the most talked about solution for mid-market customers.

This has been bolstered by investment into new capabilities delivered without  customers needing to go through expensive upgrades. The investments therefore mean all Business ByDesign ERP customers use the latest technology including the SAP HANA and FIORI HTML5.

Why the investment.

The global SME market is growing at a rapid rate.  SAP is clearly guilty of providing a solution ahead of the market realising the requirement for cloud based simplicity.

Customers are delivered a great product that's finally getting the profile it deserves and our competitors are getting worried.  SAP Business ByDesign has better, deeper functionality and has a pricing model that is easy to understand.

To find out what's been planned for the product next, watch the video.

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