What is SAP Business ByDesign?

The SAP Business ByDesign solution enables customers to run even complex business with a single, cloud-based application. SAP Business ByDesign is ideally suited for small to medium size companies and subsidiaries of large companies. Customers can get a fast start with a clearly defined scope and then activate additional functionalities to manage processes such as financials, customer relationships, human resources, procurement, and supply chain. SAP Business ByDesign is a software-as-a-service solution that is delivered in the cloud and does not require an additional IT investment.

A Compelling, Subscription-Based Pricing Model:

SAP Business ByDesign is licensed through monthly subscription fees, calculated on a named-user basis. The pricing schedule identifies three categories of users: advanced users, core users and self-service users.  All usertypes attract a discount if you select a longer license term.  The benefit of a longer license term is simple, the price you contract at is the price for the full term, even if you need to add some more.

Pricing and functionality vary for each category. You don’t need to worry about software system maintenance; all core services such as backup, recovery, and regular upgrades are covered by SAP and included in the monthly fee. You can choose to deploy the complete solution, or you can address your immediate business needs first, and grow from this foundation.

SAP Business ByDesign Licensing:


Self-Service Users: (£15 / month)

The majority of your employees should be a  Self-Service user, it is the leanest version of the provided user types.  It allows to access SAP Business ByDesign, using the offered Self-Service transactions on the Home UI and is enabled for some execution tasks and time recording capabilities.

Core Users: (£82 / month)

A Core User Type can fulfill daily business tasks all over.  Starting from master data creation to proceeding all covered Business Process Procedures steps. Besides this, all approval tasks, independent in which application area, can be processed by a Core User. It includes all Work Centers of the Self-Service User.  

Don't forget that three are included with the SAP Business ByDesign Platform License.

Advanced Users: (£160 /month)

Most organisations need just two or three Advanced  Users as it includes all available Work Centers, including all Work Centers of a Core and Self-Service user.   This user is necessary for Key users and Administrators roles to be able to access Business Configuration, Application and User Management but also for Business Analytics, Service Control Center and PDI access. Beside this, it includes all Work which are necessary to operate a daily work in the system.

Don't forget that three are included with the SAP Business ByDesign Platform License.


Usertypes Functionality


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