Delivering high impact HR has never been more important, disruption is simultaneously impacting your business and your workforce. Organisations face increasing demands from customers, constant productivity pressure from competitors, and threats from unexpected entrants to their markets. The shifting geopolitical landscape, digitisation of our daily lives, changing workforce demographics, and demands add further disruptive forces.  Enterprises must quickly anticipate, adapt, manoeuvre, make decisions, and shift course in an agile way more than ever before to brave the never-ending disruption.

For many years the focus on HR technology was to automate and integrate HR practices. This meant online payroll, record-keeping, learning management, resume capture, interview and hiring, assessment, performance appraisals, compensation, management, resume capture, interview and hiring, assessment, performance appraisals, compensation, etc.

A wide range of cloud-based HRMS and payroll vendors were in the market, and you get very little credit for "automating" HR. (You do get penalised if you don't of course).  Forbes High-Impact HR (HIHR) research shows that about 45% of companies in 2018 were still focused on basic process automation, so I understand if this is still top on your list.

What does it take?

With BambooHR you'll automatically have the capabilities that Deloitte suggests organisations need in order to be delivering high impact HR.  BambooHR's best in class solution seamlessly integrates with Business ByDesign allowing you to centralise your information, attract star talent, eliminate paperwork, and gain the insights you need.

Award-winning features, implementation, and support set you free to focus on what matters most: your people.

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