COVID19 and what we're doing


COVID19 and what we're doing

Orchard House has been asked about COVID19 and what we're doing to guarantee support availability during the outbreak.

“Delight” isn’t just a strapline for Orchard House, it’s the expected outcome of every communication. This year, a new dimension has been added to how we need to behave to continue “delighting” moving forward. We have been following the news, reading health articles, and monitoring government releases to identify our strategy.

Here is what we’re doing to ensure the safety of you, our customers, Orchard House Solutions employees and families, our partners and friends of the company.

Limiting Cross-Border and Domestic Travel

We understand that the severity of COVID19 differs from country-to-country, many now their own policies and programs on how they manage it. To reduce the risk to our employees, their families and to our customers, we have limited travel and now direct the team to leverage video conferencing tools where possible.  If an in-person meeting is required we are taking precautions, to ensure that those attending the meeting are healthy - before, during and after.

Orchard House Solutions Office Locations and Remote Work

We have four values that unite Orchard House Solutions and the foundation to all others is “delight first, everything else will follow”. To that end, we have put a number of support measures in place:

  • support of remote work,
  • limited internal gatherings,
  • improving health and hygiene across the company through training
  • and increased sanitation supplies.

Most importantly, we encourage the team to stay home if they or member of their family is ill. Our team isn't just employees, we are an extended family that includes parents, young children, and other dependents.

In-Person Customer Meetings

To ensure your safety and that of our employees and partners, we have postponed our customer-facing events until later in 2020. We will leverage video conferencing tools to connect with you. For thought leadership and best practices news please continue to review our news articles.

Systems Infrastructure & Reliability

As an Orchard House customer, we know that you rely on us to support you. Business continuity is a top priority for us, and we ensure this by leveraging Business ByDesign and other SaaS Solutions. Network and Security Operations are managed in different locations to ensure resilience. Should there be any disruption, we all equipped to work remotely so the business can continue without interruption. Our employees are all able to work remotely and consequently, we will continue to support and deliver as usual.

Orchard House Solutions will continue to delight

Our customers are at various stages of their partnership with us. Some are getting started, others have been with us for many years and still others are thinking about taking that next step with us in deploying a new solution to complement their current investment.  Wherever you are in your journey, we’re just a click or call away. Your account team is standing by to answer questions or to guide you to the right person to assist. Orchard House and SAP online Support is available 24/7 so you can get answers to your questions and talk to domain experts when you need them.

While times may be uncertain, your partnership with Orchard House is not.