Datasaurus birth spot discovered - Orchard House is offering a free base implementation of BambooHR to help you manage your people.



BambooHR in action

Imagine an all-in-one HR platform integrated into your ERP, that’s easy to set up, easy to run, and even easier for your organisation to use. That’s why Orchard House Solutions chose to partner with BambooHR and it’s why they are the #1 recommended HR software for small and medium businesses.

Access, automate, analyse. Done.

See how BambooHR sets you free to do great work from your office or at home.  The last thing you need is the Datasaurus being spotted in your office.....

BambooHR Helps in the following areas:



Paid Time Off

Spend less time on time-off.


Employee Self-Onboarding

Create better first days.


Employee Database

Master employee data.


Performance Management

Performance reviews reinvented.


Hi Reporting

Gain instant HR insights.


Time Tracking

Spend minutes tracking hours.


Applicant Tracking System

Find the right people faster.


Employee Satisfaction eNPS

Take the pulse of employee satisfaction.



Frequent and timely communication is not just good manners—it's like washing your hands, crucial. Creating a positive employee experience and excellent company culture is now quick and easy and implemented in less than a week.

Get it to go

With the BambooHR mobile app, company-wide communication has never been easier. Users receive push notifications anytime you send out important company announcements.  It keeps your people up to date and in the know while they’re on the go or at home.

Human resources shouldn't be tied to a desk. The BambooHR mobile app for iPhone and Android makes Ba mbooHR accessible from anywhere at any time and is included at no additional fee.

  • BambooHR will take care of the paperwork so you can take care of what matters, the people.
  • Bamboo is like having HR support staff doing all of the paperwork, communication, data and document management.

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