SAP Customer Success Awards recognise the stories that sit behind the transformation projects that have delivered Customer Success.  SAP Customer Success Awards celebrate innovation across the following four categories.

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Best Innovative use of SAP Technology

SAP Customer Success Awards recognise organisations that seek creative solutions to persistent problems during unprecedented times, innovate to carve out new markets for themselves or embrace technology to transform their businesses or customers.


Best Transformational Change

SAP  Customer Success Awards recognises organisations that demonstrate a transformational journey. These are businesses that drive change management from different lines of businesses, achieving sustainable growth and business performance.

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Best Socially Sustainable Project

SAP  Customer Success Awards r

ecognises organisations with projects highlighting the usage of SAP solutions in ways that demonstrate wanting to help improve the environment, such as using recycled materials to benefit the world and people's lives.

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Best Value to Business

SAP  Customer Success Awards recognises organisations that have demonstrated where they have added significant value to their business, their employees, and/or customers.

Submission Criteria

To be able to qualify, the submission must meet the following criteria:

  • Must have gone live (from Jan 2020 to July 2021)
  • Based on SAP technology
  • Projects must be based or primarily for the benefit of UKI business 

The size and scale of the project are not important.  Judges consider the impact and value of a project for all stakeholders and welcome nominations from diverse sectors and all types of organizations.  Above all else, the nomination must demonstrate how the project has helped to change the business and the people in cooperation with it in a positive way.



The category winners of the Customer Success Awards for SAP UKI will walk away with:

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Charity Donation

A charitable donation of £1,000 made by SAP on behalf of the winning organisation to one of the charities selected by SAP (a list of which will be made available to the winners).

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Studio Time

A voucher to use the SAP Studio at SAP Clockhouse Place offices for one working day, to create their own promotional collateral along with several opportunities to participate in promotional activities such as podcasts, events, videos, media /analysis interviews, social media, and more.


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Customer Success Trophy


A customised sustainable award trophy to commemorate the success and win, coupled with an award certificate.



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