Wakefield,  4th April 2022 – OrchardHouse is to implement the best cloud ERP solution, SAPBusiness ByDesign®, along with an integrated validation service for a major biopharma organisation with offices in Germany, the UK, and the USA.  OrchardHouse is partnering with US-based CloudWorks4All (CW4A), validation experts to define the service. The new system will deliver a  validated digital  GAMP 5 solution guaranteeing the high standard of quality, reliability, and safety required by the biopharma contract development and manufacturing organisation (CDMO) as they continue their expansion in viral vector manufacturing.

When comparing the different systems and top solution integrators the customer saw that many lacked the experience and know-how to deliver validated processes. The CDMO selected CW4A and OrchardHouse for their in-depth understanding of the product and industry. SAP Business ByDesign provides excellent implementation methodology, OrchardHouse offers a Pharma Template with defined processes, and CW4A completes the solution with their rapid validation service.

This is the first time any SAP Business ByDesign partnership has offered validation as a service package. CloudWorks4All’s proprietary service will ensure the company and SAP Business ByDesign meet audit- readiness – not only initially but on an ongoing basis.

“That’s a huge headache removed from the client-side, and the service will save them considerable upfront and recurring costs,” commented Hans Hansen, CEO, CloudWorks4All. “This transatlantic collaboration draws on the expert knowledge of OrchardHouse and CloudWorks4All within the Life Science and Pharma industries. We’re looking forward to working together to deliver another successful customer” said Greg Durrans, CEO, OrchardHouse.

The global viral and non-viral vector manufacturing market is seeing substantial growth forecasts from 2022 to 2031. Valued at $1.50 billion in 2020, the market is expected to reach $27.03 billion by 2031, according to ResearchAndMarkets.com.

CloudWorks4All, a leading cloud ERP systems integrator, offers a smarter way to customise clients’ software implementations, and deliver secure and reliable application management services. With a unique approach and a worldwide network of top-tiered SAP partners, CloudWorks4All provides best-in-class consulting and client services to help companies gain a competitive edge and grow their businesses. CloudWorks4All is a certified silver partner of SAP SE. For more information, visit cloudworks4all.com.

OrchardHouse is a digital transformation consultancy using tools like SAP Business ByDesign and BambooHR to streamline and standardise the processes a business needs to operate in the digital economy. The CONNECTED Platform helps address the challenges of integration, access, governance, and logistics. By Focusing on making digital transformation simple, fast, and affordable all underpinned by our cast iron success guarantee, OrchardHouse has become the fastest-growing SAP Gold Partner and one of just five recognised globally for excellence.

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Orchard House Solutions has been acquired by global SAP Partner, Vision33. Please visit www.vision33.co.uk or read the full press release here.