How much time do you lose every day manually processing every single invoice, all of the travel expenses, and sales orders?   What would the outcome be if you were able to spend more time focusing on the things critical to your business?

In February 2021 SAP announced their intent to deliver Hands-Free ERP for SME's”  and launched a series of discussion white papers about  Intelligent Enterprise & SAP Business Bydesign With the launch of SAP Business ByDesign, 2108 SAP has delivered all of its customers a way of removing many of the small time-consuming, administrative tasks that never seem to end.

SAP Best Practices for Intelligent Automation gives you access to the first wave of automation bots, to use out of the box.  With one click, you'll get your own SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation applications. at no extra cost, to help busy people build and run their "Hands-Free".

What is SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation?

That’s simple: many employees perform repetitive and time-consuming tasks every day. downloading and classifying attachments from their mailbox before processing them in Business ByDesign.  Creating Sales Orders from Purchase Orders received from customers, refreshing spreadsheets with new data long before anyone can even think about making a decision.

It may seem trivial at first sight but if you add up the wasted minutes spent every day they soon add up to hours every month, if you multiply with the number of employees you will see the time (and money) which could be better spent on delivering benefit.  With the launch of Intelligent Robotic Automation, you'll be freeing up your employees. to do better work and the repetitive tasks will be done more accurately than ever before.

 SAP Business ByDesign customers now have access to:

  • Use up 1 block of 1 unattended concurrent session and 1 block of 10 attended concurrent sessions of SAP Intelligent RPA as a service of SAP Business ByDesign for no additional fee 
  • Use any of provided by SAP Best Practices bots out of the box with no additional development or integration work (see the SAP IRPA Store)
  • Modify any of provided by SAP Best Practices bots and adjust them to customer-specific needs with a minimal amount of effort
  • Create brand new bots designed to their custom needs for the areas where automation will bring the highest value.


SAP Business ByDesign 2108,  SAP has provided all its customers with the first 6 best practice bot templates,  available out of the box and ready to implement in minutes:

  • Business Document Extraction from E-Mail (1×1)
  • Proof of Delivery Note Upload in the Outbound Delivery (1S1)
  • Schedule Report Refresh (1X2)
  • Supplier Invoice Upload for Intelligent Invoice Scanning (1R1)
  • Sales Order Creation from Customer’s Purchase Order (1C1)
  • Account Master Data Enrichment for Document Information Extraction 1C1 (1C2)
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