It's  a new year and the SAP Business ByDesign has a new roadmap and an update on what happened during 2020.

Rainer Zinow,SVP Product Management for SAP mid-market solutions released the video detailing progress made during 2020 and introduces the roadmap information for 2021.  Rainer, delivers a thought-provoking concise 30-minute video presentation showing why all is well in the ByDesign World.





Areas of Investment completed in  2020:

  1. Business Intelligence- Upgraded Intelligent Scanning  - DONE
  2. HANA 2.0  Upgrade Implemented delivering Predictive Analytics enabled - DONE
  3. Financial management - Approvals for payment reversal, & Enhanced 4-eyes principle for tax and journal entry - DONE
  4. Product-centric business - Kits for customer returns, Customer demand analytics, Easy cancellation of production orders, Automatic numbering of ECO in BOM, Multilevel where used in BOM, Exclude logistics area from planning, 3rd party logistics for service order items, 3rd party logistics for project stock orders, Web service for ATP simulation, Set production master data to obsolete - DONE
  5. Service-centric business - Standard KPIs such as billing rate, written-off expenses, critical projects, Project resource assignment Order-to-cash process, Absolute and relative header discounts Procure-to-pay process, Intelligent supplier invoice scan Marketing-to-opportunity process, Insight-to-action: Dynamic target groups - DONE
  6. Analytics - New standard KPIs for sales, logistics, quality management, and projects, Insight-to-action: Manage report actions, Insight-to-action for accounts, Insight-to-action: Dynamic target groups - DONE
  7. Mobile - Mobile locking and unlocking of users, Mobile manager approval with launchpad
  8. User experience - Quick edit from worklists in purchasing and sales, New user interface theming - DONE
  9. Localization - Regular maintenance and legal change management for SAP existing Country versions including the following legal and fiscal compliance enhancements.
    • India: E-invoicing
    • India: Stock transfer enhancements
    • Israel: Form 6111
    • Israel: VAT PCN enhancements
    • Israel: Withholding 856 – Vendor
    • ITA enhancements
    • Italy: VAT DL199,VAT on cash in summary register
    • South Korea: General availability
    • Spain: VAT and withholding tax return enhancements
    • Switzerland: Payment format enhancements

Areas of Investment 2021

  1. Dedicated Integration to Microsoft Teams
  2. Extended logistics, production, and service resource management
  3. Simplified cross-industry capabilities for process optimization by enhanced automation and data platform
  4. Providing best-of-breed, built-in intelligent enterprise capabilities, analytics and openness for customer and partner-specific enhancements
  5. Enhancing and extending the technical foundation of our successful business process platform Legal and compliancy requirements will continue to be our focus in all releases.


Roadmap 2021


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