We are a team, and we mean it!  Are we competitive?  Of course.  Are we cut throat, do any thing to win?  No, because the whole team knows it feels better, and we perform better, when we’ve got each other’s backs.

The camaraderie is real, and the in-depth training and mentorship help every team member succeed. Whether you are a consultant, a salesperson or support executive we believe in doing our best every day.  In a recent survey, we all had to use one word to describe our team.  The top five answers? “Amazing,” “awesome,” “open,” “collaborative,” and “driven.”

Listen Really Hard

We aren’t Business mercenaries. We want happy, lifetime customers, so we ask the right questions, listen to every answer, and help plan their future needs.

We want to be sure the tools we provide will meet and exceed their expectations, so they can be free to focus on what really matters: their people and VALUE

Develop Career Skills

While we’re growing the company’s client list, we’re also growing as professionals.

We have a dedicated training to help us gain and polish our skills, and we spend time developing our talent.

Provide strategic insight.

The best Salespeople and Consultants listen really hard, they need to understand the problem and then work together to identify the best resolution.

In order to step up to the consulting plate, we learn our own product back to front, then we dive deep into industry trends, so we can help our customers increase their VALUE and have the insight to make the right decisions.

Put People First

Orchard House puts VALUE ahead of numbers on a scoreboard, we don’t sign contracts for the money, we focus on the delivering outcomes.

Success is only be measured over time and that only happens when we put people first, success follows.  Orchard House puts community at the heart of our business, loyal customers and brilliant employees who deliver even more VALUE.


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