We are a team, and we mean it!  Are we competitive?  Of course.  Are we cut throat, do any thing to win?  No, because the whole team knows it feels better, and we perform better, when we’ve got each other’s backs.  The camaraderie is real, and the in-depth training and mentorship help every team member succeed.  Whether you are a consultant, a salesperson or a support executive we believe in delivering Value-as-a-Service.

We aren’t Business mercenaries.  We want happy customers, so we ask the right questions, listen to every answer, and help plan their future needs.  We want to be sure the tools we provide will meet and exceed their expectations, so they can be free to focus on what really matters: their people and their customers.

Develop Career Skills

Whilst we are growing the company's client list, we are also growing as professionals.  We have dedicated training to help us polish our skills.  We talk about harnessing the power of fast-changing technology, which means we need to focus on delivering best-practise and enhancing our customer's competitive edge.


Orchard House puts VALUE ahead of numbers on a scoreboard, we don’t sign contracts for the money, we focus on delivering Success and that can only be measured over time.  We don't just talk about Customer Success we put it ahead of our own profitability because everything else just follows. 

Provide Strategic Insight

The best teams listen and work as a team to deliver resolutions, it is what we do best! In order to be great work, we learn our products upside down and back to front, then we dive deep and apply it to industries.  That helps us advice customers on how increase their VALUE and use actionable insight to make great decisions.

Orchard House Solutions has been acquired by global SAP Partner, Vision33. Please visit or read the full press release here.